Academic Services


The Academic Services department is responsible for the following areas: 

  • Curriculum:  What do we want our students to know and be able to do?
  • Instruction:  How do we teach our students?
  • Assessment:  How do we know our students are learning?
  • Acceleration:  How do we challenge and stretch our advanced students?
  • Intervention:  What supports do we provide for our struggling learners?


The Grand Ledge Public School district is committed to providing a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare our students to compete in a global economy.  Our k-12 core curriculum is aligned with the Standards and Benchmarks, the Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE’s) and the High School Content Expectations (HSCE’s) adopted by the State of Michigan.  Technology is infused into most classes through the use of laptop computers running on our wireless network, data projectors, interactive white board, and document cameras.  In addition to our core curriculum offerings, our comprehensive high school offers a wide range of opportunities for students for study in the areas of world languages, visual and performing arts, and career and technical education. 


Each year teachers are provided with 5 district-wide professional development days where they have an opportunity to work with colleagues to learn new research and instructional strategies, such as innovative ways to integrate technology into their instruction.  In addition, federal grant dollars are utilized to send teacher leaders to state conferences where they gather information to share with colleagues. 

At the elementary level we have a team of mathematics building leaders, 1-2 per elementary building, that were provided extensive professional development to be mathematics teacher leaders through a multi-year National Science Foundation funded partnership with Michigan State University.  These teachers now provide mathematics leadership in their building.

Also at the elementary level we have an ongoing partnership with the Literacy Achievement Research Center at Michigan State University.  The director of this center provides ongoing professional development in the area of informational reading to teachers that participate in research projects with the center.


Grand Ledge Public Schools uses data to inform and guide classroom instruction.  We use the Achieve Data Director Data Warehouse to store and analyze our assessment data.  Assessment data that is collected each year includes:


  • DIBEL's
  • MEAP
  • Running Record
  • Trimester Dolch Word Assessment
  • Trimester Math Assessments
  • Common writing prompts 3x per year


  • MEAP
  • Michigan Merit Exam
  • ACT
    • PDF Document Facts & Tools
  • Common trimester assessments


We provide opportunities for students at the secondary level to accelerate through advanced placement courses, online coursework through Michigan Virtual High School, and dual enrollment at local community colleges and universities.  Students also have an opportunity to accelerate their progress through the Michigan Merit Curriculum by taking high school Algebra I and Earth Science courses at the middle school.  Advanced high school students also have the opportunity to accelerate their progress in the Michigan Merit Curriculum by “looping” in our trimester system, taking the equivalent of 1.5 years of coursework in a single school year.  Additionally there are several honors courses that advanced students may take for greater challenge and more credits.  Each year some of our middle school students also have the opportunity to participate in accelerated mathematics and English courses through a collaborative program with Michigan State University.


Research shows that early intervention with struggling learners is a key factor in future academic success.  Therefore, every elementary building provides either Title I services in the core academic areas or reading intervention services by a reading specialist.  The district has adopted a Response to Intervention (RTI) model for early intervention and at the secondary level courses have been specifically designed for students who need additional reading or mathematics support. 


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