8th Grade Encore Choices

Dear Parents of 7th Grade Students:

The Michigan Merit Curriculum requires that students take two years of the same foreign language prior to graduating.  Hayes Middle School offers the opportunity to begin to meet this requirement while in 8th grade if students choose.  Successful completion of the class will earn your child two (2) credits toward the 57 required for HS graduation. 

Most students will have two elective choices to make for their 8th grade year if they do not have an academic support class. Students may choose from six different classes including an Encore class similar to what was offered in 7th grade. That is, students who choose this class would have a rotation of Art, Health and Computers with a robotics component.  While the classes sound the same, it is an 8th grade curriculum that challenges the students.  Thank you for your prompt attention in completing and returning this form.   


8th Encore Choice 18-19