MMC Physical Education Waiver

MMC Physical Education

Michigan Merit Curriculum states that one credit that includes both physical education AND health must be earned by high school students for graduation.  The requirement could be met in 2 separate courses each earning 1/2 credits.  The 1/2 credit for PE may also be awarded by the school district or public school academy for apporved participation in extracurricular athletics or other extracurricular activities involving physical activity.  Please note, however, that this pertains only to the physcial education credit guidelines of MMC, not the health education credit guideline.

A district may determine what extracurricular activities involving physical activity may be used as credit toward a the physical education requirement.  The department strongly recommends the local school board develop its own policy outlingin what is aceptable for the credit as to be clear to students and parents and consistent in implementation.

GLHS requires that a student will complete a varsity sport or marching band and be on the list before the beginning of the school year of the request.

Students will be able to sign up below during the month of May for the next school year.